7 Segment LED

The ubiquitous numeric display made from 7 LEDs arranged in a figure 8. Usually they also have a decimal point. It's often annoying to figure out which pins map to which LEDs. Then, once you know the LED pin-mapping you must figure out the mapping from the individual LEDs to the numeric digits. We have a few tutorials with sample code that have this all figured out for Sparkfun's big 7 Segment LED to help you jump right in.
Display numbers in big bright red LEDs use only 3 micro-controller pins and the 74HC595 shift registe...
Build your own clock with the MCP79410 chip and 4 7-Segment LED modules....


Title Description Cost Link Picture
LED Display 7 Segment numeric LED Display RED Value: 7 Red LEDs $0.95 Link 7segmentredled-01-l
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