Heart Matrix

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Need to add text or animations to your next project? Want something wearable and easy to control with an Arduino? Light up your bike or your neck with this electric heart DIY kit. Seventy LEDs spell out any message you like, or just dance in beautiful patterns. Simple to control from arduino or any microcontroller, it requires only three signal wires and two power lines. Takes about thirty minutes to solder and assemble. Find step by step instructions in the tutorial link below.
What can you do with your Heart Matrix? So many things! Use it as a sound-sensitive necklace great for concerts. Connect it to twitter to have a live display of your tweets, or of your favorite hashtag. Make a dynamic name tag, as shown in the video below. Hook it up with a wireless XBEE module and control the LED display wirelessly over the Serial port. You can turn it into a real time alarm clock. The Arduino library we supply gives direct access to each of the LEDs so the possibilities are endless!
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Created: Sat, Jan 26 2013 12:39AM