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The Heartduino is a fun gadget that can display messages, animations and much more. The Heartduino has on-board temperature and sound sensors, as well as a button and a knob, which allow you to enter whatever message you wish (up to 1000 characters)! The Heartduino is a fully-functioning arduino-clone, so you can hack it with your own code to add all sorts of capabilities. We give access to the serial (RX TX), and the I2C pins (SDA SCL). We supply tons of code examples to get you started, so this a great board if you want to start learning how to program embedded systems. You can buy a ready made version or the do-it-yourself kit, which requires soldering. It takes about an hour to solder and assemble, and we walk you through the process in our step-by-step instructions.
What can you do with your Heartduino? Well, all the code that works on our Heart Matrix screen will work here. So, for example, you might use it as a sound-sensitive necklace great for concerts. Connect it to twitter to have a live display of your tweets, or of your favorite hashtag. Make a dynamic name tag, as shown in the video below. Hook it up with a wireless XBEE module and control the LED display wirelessly over the Serial port. You can turn it into a real time alarm clock. The Arduino library we supply gives direct access to each of the LEDs so the possibilities are endless!
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Created: Sun, May 12 2013 2:56AM